(c) Alexander Popelier


Low Hill resides in waters warm but deep.
Where twilight and dawn, faith and dispair are one.
It is the split second of magic before awakening from a dream.
Low Hill is a singer/songsmith project by Laurens Vanhulle, a multi-instrumentalist and
producer of melancholic songs that balance between classical songwriting and
experimental electronics. Originally a 5 piece band, but now a one man project that
breathes emotive melodies that are both threatening and enchanting. As Vanhulle states
it: 'If I were to describe what I do, I would call it dark electronic neo-soul'.
Vanhulle started as a composer for theater and dance in Antwerp, working with the likes
o f Zuidpool, De NWE Tijd, Jeroen Perceval and more. As a performer he made his
stage debut as the ofcial support of Stijn at Het Entrepot in Bruges, where at the time
Vanhulle was artist in residence.
It is when the frst Low Hill songs catch the attention of David Martijn (Goose, Soulwax)
that things fall into place. David introduces Vanhulle to Benjamin Desmet (SX). They have
combined forces ever since to construe the typical fngerprint sound that is so
characteristic to Low Hill. A universe that might be dark and volatile, but with passion
lurking to be uncovered.